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Where it Started

It started when I read Parliament of Whores by PJ O'Rourke. He laid out how our elected representatives are all bought and paid for.  Yet, somehow he wasn't angry.  He was so clear about how we enable their behavior, so we get what we deserve.  I just think we also deserve to profit like our elected representatives too!

What Drives Us

The average wealth of a senator is $1M.  They are guaranteed millions more upon leaving government for the lucrative life of a lobbyist.  The PACs, which support their campaigns are funded by corporations.  Their families work in those PACs.  It's a family business.  They write laws that move markets but they don't disclose their holdings.  

What We Do

Simply put, we invest in companies that bankroll the winning party.  So we benefit alongside the corrupt politicians.  If you can't beat them, join them.  We tell you what we purchase, so you can judge for yourself and join us if you wish.


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Obama era investment 1

I made this investment because one of the authors of the Dodd Frank Act, Christopher Dodd, is married to a board member of the CME.  And Obama was from Chicago too. It outperformed the S&P over the course of the Obama presidency.  Click the image to see.

Obama era investment 2

Google, Obama, Finance

I made this investment because Google chairman, Eric Schmidt was Finance Chair of the Obama presidential campaign.  Winner!  Click to see.

Trump Era 1

Facebook founder Peter Thiel was one of the earliest and certainly the strongest Silicon Valley based Trump supporter.

Trump Era 2

This administration loves missle and so do we!

Trump Era 3

Sheldon Adelson was an early Trump supporter and is a fellow hotelier / casino owner.

Trump Era 4

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Trump Era 5

CLR Continental Resources Scott Pruitt EPA Trump

Scott Pruitt the EPA Secretary is well and truly owned by the oil and gas industry and his biggest bankroller was Harold Hamm and Continental Resources.

More to come

More to come

More to come

More to come

More to come